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1. Archaic
2. Archaism
3. Archery
4. Archipelago
5. Architect
6. Architectural
7. Architecture

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arch1 «ahrch», noun, verb.
1. a curved structure capable of bearing the weight of the material above it. Arches often form the tops of doors, windows, and gateways.
2. a monument in the form of an arch or arches.
3. = archway. (Cf.archway)
4. = instep: (Cf.instep) »

Fallen arches cause flat feet.

5. something like an arch: »

the great blue arch of the sky.

SYNONYM(S): vault.
1. to bend into an arch; curve: »

The wind arched the trees over the road. He arched his eyebrows in mock surprise.

2. to furnish with an arch: »

The rainbow arches the heavens.

3. to form an arch over; span: »

A bridge arched the stream.

to form into an arch or arches; curve: »

The sky arches overhead.

[< Old French arche bridge arch < Medieval Latin arca < Latin arcus bow]
arch2 «ahrch», adjective.
1. playfully mischievous; saucy or pert; waggish: »

The little girl gave her mother an arch look and ran away. Miss Price…manages to create a girlish and innocent character without seeming in the least bit arch or simpering (Atlantic).

SYNONYM(S): sly, roguish.
2. chief; principal; leading: »

The arch rebel of all was Patrick Henry.

3. Archaic. cunning; crafty: »

... a very arch fellow, a downright hypocrite (John Bunyan).

[< arch-]
1. chief; principal: »

Archbishop = principal bishop. Archenemy = chief enemy.

2. extreme; ultra-: »

Archconservative = extreme conservative.

3. early; primal; primitive: »

Archencephalon = primal encephalon (brain).

Also, archi-.
[< Latin archi- < Greek arche-, archi- < archós ruler]
1. a) archaic. b) archaism.
2. architecture.
1. archbishop.
2. archipelago.
3. architect.

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